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Piero Capecchi was one of the last artisans artists of the century in Florence.
 He opened his workshop inside an historical building of center of Florence. Inside big and cool stone these walls he
working  by its colors and its ancient tools.  He grew his passion for painting and sculpture producing the unmistakable Capecchi’s style.
He learned the art of leather works in his youth frequenting old workshops in Florence. His artistic technique allured tourists who let themselves be charmed by his designs on leather, by his small sculptures and by painted masks.  For each of them there was a story to remember, and memories to tell.
So was born an household name appreciated all over the world, by meetings with tourists enchanted by his leather art and his paintings, discussions with peers Florentine artists who daily stopped to his workshop and through the many adventurous exhibitions around the world. With his wife and his sons in the Florentine workshop made his art a job and his job an art.
Piero Capecchi died in 1997, but his works and his drawings come to life in the homes of all the people who have passed away, if only for a short time, in his shop getting a bit 'of his art, and importing it in every part of the world.